Louisiana Production Valve provides valve service and sales to the oil and gas industry.

Our Experience Means the Job Will Be Done Right.
This is not only our motto, it says that we are committed to each job being done correctly. Each and every employee at Louisiana Production Valve follows on-going safety and training programs.



Highly Trained, Highly Effective

Safety is our top priority at Louisiana Production Valve and we have had ZERO accidents since commencing operations. We attribute this to pre-job planning such as our Job Safety Analysis (JSA) process, our employees being aware of safety before, during and after any repair or maintenance job and continuous safety and valve service training. Every employee at Louisiana Production Valve, from new hires to the President of our company, plays an important role on our safety program.

At Louisiana Production Valve we provide the highest quality valve repair and valve maintenance services by focusing on safety, the skill of our valve technicians and continuous improvement., we have a ton of experience in the field. We love working with companies of all sizes, and provide products and services worldwide. We enjoy putting our minds together to deliver quality goods and services that adhere to the highest standards.

Each and every valve technician must have certain requirements before being considered for employment at Louisiana Production Valve. Once employed, extensive safety training must be completed and various certifications achieved. These strict requirements have allowed us to become one of the best valve service companies anywhere.

Valve technicians must have at least 3 years of valve repair and/or valve maintenance experience before they can be employed at Louisiana Production Valve. Valve technicians must also pass a drug and alcohol test as well as well as a physical. Employees are subject to random and post accident drug and alcohol testing. When we do hire a valve technician, or any other employee, that person will then go through Louisiana Production Valve New Hire Process. Our New Hire Process consists of the employee receiving a Louisiana Production Valve Safety Handbook and Safety Procedures Manual. We communicate our expectations by thoroughly going over our Safety Handbook and Procedures Manual as well as our SSE (Short Service Employee Program) and our BBS (Behavior Base Safety Program). The valve technician’s previous safety and training certifications are analyzed and they receive the necessary training that they must have at Louisiana Production Valve.

Repairing your valve in the most cost-efficient and safest way possible are our top priorities. Potential repair or replacement costs are always evaluated as we strive to complete valve repairs in an efficient manner. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact us for all of your onshore, offshore and deep-water valve repair and maintenance needs. Our professional staff will help you assess what is needed and find a solution for your valve problems.



World Class Standards

VALVE REPAIR - We perform any needed valve repairs such as replacing the internals (gate, seats, bonnet seal rings, springs, etc..) of the valve, changing out actuators and bonnets, replacing packing, diaphragms, O-rings, etc… We perform these repairs on any shut down valve, surface safety valve, control valve, gate valve, ball valve, deluge valve, actuated valve or check valve. Repairs are done on any type of valve like WKM, Cameron, Wood Group, Cactus, Vetco Gray, KF, Aceco, Axelson, Bettis, National, Array, Newpark, Seaboard, and others. All valve repairs are done with the required two forms of protection to ensure the safety of our employees as well all others involved in the area where the repairs are performed.


Valve Maintenace

VALVE MAINTENANCE - we have a comprehensive preventative maintenance program that keeps valves properly lubricated for operating efficiency. Preventative maintenance will also help to prevent many major valve repairs because the lack of grease/lubrication is a main cause of valve failure. Our preventative maintenance program produces detailed well files that identify the various valves on customer wells. This information is helpful for office and field personnel because we provide a “hard” copy for identification. This helps to quickly identify the required parts when valve repairs are needed and can provide a record for platforms/fields that suffer hurricane damage, which happens frequently.

On all flowing wells- we grease/lubricate the internals and cavity of all valves, grease bonnets and pack off valves with plastic packing, work all valves to make sure they are operating, free frozen valves, do well surveys and well files.

On non-flowing wells- grease bonnets, make sure all valve operate and free frozen valves



Top Quality

Rest assured that you’ve made the right choice for your business. Together with top technicians, we strive for quality service that exceeds the industry’s rigorous standards. With safety and quality always on our mind, we deliver services carefully and precisely.

COMPLETE TREE SALES - We have Complete Trees for Completions and Work-overs. Please call for quotes.

VALVE PARTS - we are able to supply the needed brand parts for valve repairs. We provide certified parts, OEM parts (subject to availability of the OEM supplier) and aftermarket parts in carbon or stainless steel.

CUSTOMER PROPERTY PROGRAM - we will store customer property valves at no charge. This service allows us to search your inventory first when you need valve repairs done. If you have the needed valve in inventory, we will quote a repair on that valve and save you money rather than purchasing a new replacement for valve repairs.





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